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    Ever since I received my iPad in early April, I have been feeling starved for some good EDU applications. That’s beginning to change and I’m seeing more apps come out that I want to take a nibble on.Up for review is the Numerate: Count, Add & Subtract app.From what I can discern, this is currently only an iPad app and it does a great job of harnessing the size of the tablet. This is a math application designed for PreK-3 and/or ELL students. There are three modalities that students can play with: count, add & subtract.I’d first like to to say that this app does a very good job of doing what the developer describes on the iTunes site. It’s very simple and is designed to help students develop number sense. Each concept is supported both visually and auditory. Additionally, the use of visuals helps students understand the concepts of addition and subtraction. Overall, I would rate this a 7 out of 10.Pros
    • Beautifully designed, simple & intuitive
    • The accompanying vocals are clear and easy to understand
    • Well priced at $.99
    • I think it could be more like a game. I don’t know how long this would keep the interest of a student. Additionally, I would like students to be able to use screen captures to show progress. Without some sort of levelling/score, I can’t track progress over time.
    • It would be nice if I could move the manipulatives around.
    • I would like to see regrouping incorporated into this application.
    external image numerate2-300x225.pngexternal image numerate-300x225.png
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